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Paying for nursing home care can become a difficult and expensive reality for you or your family. There are many questions that must be answered: Who will provide for my loved one’s long-term care? How much assistance will I or my loved one need? Can I afford long term care? Are there alternative ways to fund long-term care? In the absence of significant wealth, maintaining necessary long-term care can put considerable strain on your resources. While nursing home care is not covered by Medicare, there are other options available, including Medicaid or long term health care insurance. However, strict qualifications may be involved. For example, Medicaid coverage places limits on personal assets, and applies other age, disability, and level of care related requirements. Our elder law attorneys can help you and your family plan for long term care, meet these qualifications, and make the important decisions necessary to secure your loved one’s future.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance or looking for more information regarding long-term care, call Keen Keen & Good at 610-383-7810 today. We offer a free, no-obligation, consultation to evaluate your unique position and determine the steps you can take to prove a more secure future for you and your loved ones.

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